Atlanta - Day 2

This morning I woke up with the horrifying realization that it was light outside and my phone hasn't gone off to wake me up yet... yup, its 9:45am. In a panic I through on my clothes and opened the door to a monsoon rain. I didn't bother running across the street to the training center and as a result, I was soaked when I got there, fortunately my shirt didn't get wet. The course so far today didn't have much I didn't already know and it was a relief to know the instructor was late this morning too. Training let out about 2:00pm and I went geocache hunting. I had three I went looking for and didn't find any of them. I might try again once the sky clears up because I got rained on on the way back to the hotel room. This part of the city is just beautiful, its all office and shopping space so there is tons of greenery and manicured lawns. Time to drink my monster pop and study. I found the liquor store so I may be making a trip there later.

Atlanta - Day 1

Left home about 1:30pm and headed off to the airport, coasted through Denver and landed in Atlanta at about midnight. By this point I was ready to get off the plane and into a bed. I collected my stuff and went to wait for the rental car shuttle to take me to the car place. I wasn't paying attention and jumped on the wrong bus! The driver, Willie, this chatty old black man said he wasn't going back to the airport until about 3am. When I showed him my car rental sheet he said he'd drive me back. Got back to the airport a few mins later and waited for the RIGHT bus to come along. Got my car and hit the freeway. This is yet another city where the speedlimits don't seem to apply. People doing 75 when the posted speed is 55. It was L.A. all over again. Got to the hotel, checked in at about 2:00am and crashed.

India - Day... before I come home!

After we came back from Manju's native place, I didn't do much else in the way of going places or doing things. Today, after only a few short hours of sleep I am waiting on the cab driver to come pick me up to go to the cab office and pay the fare. I told him 12:00 but if he isn't here by 12:45 I'll call and make sure he understood, afternoon, not evening! I want to be packed, paid the hotel and in the car at midnight on my way to the airport for my 3:25am flight to Frankfurt. I checked in over the internet last night and scored window seats! More later.
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